Accordian Style Shutters

Accordion Hurricane Shutters
are an attractive, highly effective system, engineered to protect your home from a storm. Utilizing a unique interlocking, folding blade design, Accordion Hurricane Shutters can cover very large spans, yet fold away for an unobstructed view.

Convenient Protection from Hurricanes & Intruders

Permanently mounted, Accordion Hurricane Shutters offer an affordable and durable means of protection from both storms and intruders. They come standard with a key lock on each shutter, further enhancing your home’s security. The shutters can be operated from the inside or outside of the home, making 2nd floor deployment fast and simple.

Versatile and Easy to Deploy

Accordion Hurricane Shutters are extremely versatile, covering small, large, even radial openings and mounting over windows, doors, balconies and lanais. And, because they are permanently mounted, you simply slide them closed, lock them up and enjoy the confidence of ultimate
protection from storms, intruders, noise, sun and anything you want kept out!



The Secure Choice:

• Impact Resistant
• Easy Deployment
• Secure
• Custom Made
• Permanent
• Versatile
Storm Protection:

Every GPP accordion hurricane shutter meets the stringent requirements of the Miami-Dade high velocity testing protocol


Closed and locked they are a strong deterrent to forced entry


Quick and easy to deploy, just slide them shut


Closed, they present a barrier around your entire home

Low Maintenance:

Extruded aluminum, won’t rot or peel


5 years on material defects and workmanship

Designer Colors:

Available in white, ivory, beige and bronze

Impact Resistant Fabric Shutters

Impact Resistant Fabric Shutters are engineered to protect your home against dangerous weather, including hurricane force winds.
These one piece, waterproof fabric shutters reduce the likelihood of flying debris and water penetrating the window opening. This results in a dramatic reduction in structural and/or water damage to your home.


Advanced Fiber Technology

All the features and benefits you want without all the concerns associated with wood or metal shutters. These impact resistant fabric shutters feature an extreme strength to weight ratio for maximum protection, yet they allow light in while keeping debris and rain out.



Easy to Install

A simple attachment system results in fast, easy installation. No special tools or training is required to install fabric shutters. Just fit the grommets over the anchors and fasten with wing nuts. And when the storm is over, it’s just as easy to remove the shutters, fold or roll them up and store them until the next time you need them.



The Secure Choice:

• Impact Resistant
• Flexible
• Translucent
• Lightweight
• Safe Handling
• Easy Storage
• Attractive clean appearance
Custom Made:

For all of your windows and doors regardless of shape or size

Quick and Easy Application:

No special tools required

Easy to handle and store:

Roll them, fold them, or hang them up until the next storm

Effective Alternative

The fabric lets light in, unlike unsightly metal or wood coverings

Safe and Easy to Use:

Lightweight, no sharp edges, easy to clean, mildew and corrosion resistant

Attractive, Affordable Option:

Genuine value for your home at a very affordable cost

Design Pressure:

+75/-75 PSF


Impact Resistant Fabric Shutters feature a 10- Year Warranty

Roll Down Hurricane Shutters

Roll Down Shutters are the ultimate, most prestigious way to protect your home from a storm.
Roll Down Shutters deliver an elegant design solution, they look like your house was built around them!

Engineered to the Highest Standard

Made from impact resistant extruded aluminum, Roll Down Shutters meet all Miami-Dade Hurricane Code Requirements and are custom built for each opening of your home. When you demand the best – Roll Down Shutters are the only choice.

Easy to Deploy

Another feature of Roll Down Shutters are how easy they are to deploy! You can choose a manual crank or add a motor for “flip a switch” convenience.

If you aren’t going to be home for a day or gone for a year, secure your home before you leave and enjoy the security of knowing your home is protected. No power – no problem!
All motors are available with manual override.



The Secure Choice:

• Impact Resistant
• custom made
• clean, sleek look
• Secure
• Adds immediate value   to your home
Storm Protection:

Every GPP roll down shutter meets the
stringent requirements of the Miami-Dade
high velocity testing protocol


Whether you are home or away,
your home is safe and secure


When deployed, provides complete privacy


From harsh noise and damaging UV rays

Noise and Light Reduction

Extruded aluminum, won’t rot or peel


5 years on material defects and workmanship,
2 years on the motor

Designer Colors:

Available in white, ivory, beige and bronze